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There’s nothing quite like a topnotch SUV to deliver the total package of comfort, luxury and performance and when it comes to Miami SUV rentals, we’ve got all bases covered in spades. Everyone knows the kind of quality they’re looking at when they see a Range Rover, though those lucky enough to pilot these iconic SUVs know that the real beauty lies within. And then of course, there’s the Cadillac Escalade, which never fails to make all passengers feel exclusive and above the commoners on the streets outside, which isn’t hard to understand when you see the size of the thing!

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$299.00 Per Day
$1799.00 Per Week

Cadillac Escalade ESV

Introduced in 2003, Cadillac Escalade ESV broadened its appeal by offering the absolute maximum in passenger room and cargo space. In 2007, Cadillac envoked it\'s 2nd generation of ESV\'s with even more luxuries and comfort than it\'s 1st generation ESV\'s.
The Cadillac Escalade ESV proves that success can provoke expansion with its luxurious and spacious interior, that sits 7 (for models with middle row Captain Chairs) or 8 (for models with middle row bench chair)

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$399.00 Per Day
$2399.00 Per Week

Hummer H2 Lux. Pkg.

The glamour vehicle among celebrities, rap stars and pro athletes. The H2 Inspired by the look of the original Hummer H1, a massive off-road-oriented vehicle designed for military use, the Hummer H2 SUV . With 10 inches of ground clearance, aggressive approach and a locking rear differential, the H2 can pretty much tackle its considerable girth. But this macho, tipping the scales at 6,400 pounds, Hummer H2 weighs about as much as two Honda Accords. All that heft means that even with 325 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque, the H2\'s 6.0-liter V8 is a Exotic power house. Let\'s not leave out keeping you and your traveling companions safe with it\'s styling and aggressive hardware. Enjoy the night life in South Florida in this Exotic Monster.Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options

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$229.00 Per Day
$1299.00 Per Week

Chevy Suburban LTZ

In its final model year before a redesign, test drivers say the 2014 Chevrolet Suburban is a compelling large SUV with a strong engine, refined handling and spacious interior.
The Chevrolet Suburban is powered by a V8 engine that reviewers say provides plenty of power. The engine is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission that is praised for its smooth, timely shifts. Fuel economy for either rear- or four-wheel drive models is an EPA-estimated 15/21 mpg city/highway. The Suburban isn\'t too difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

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$299.00 Per Day
$1799.00 Per Week

Mercedes Benz ML350

The Mercedes-Benz G550 is powered by a 5.5-liter V8 that produces 382 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. Standard powertrain equipment includes a seven-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, a limited-slip rear differential and locking front, center and rear differentials.
In Edmunds performance testing, the G550 went from zero to 60 in a quick 6.6 seconds. EPA-estimated fuel economy is 12 mpg city/15 mpg highway and 13. The G-Class comes standard with antilock brakes, traction and stability control, front side airbags and side curtain airbags.

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$499.99 Per Day
$2899.99 Per Week

Land Rover Range Rover

The British Land Rover specializes in 4 wheel drive vehicles with extraordinary off road capabilities. The Land Rover Range Rover, large luxury 4 wheel drive SUV, was launched in 1970 and in 2012 entered into its 4th generation. Redesigned in 2013 with a new, lightweight aluminum uni-body structure, Range Rover defines where simplicity meets elegance and performance.
The Range Rover is recognized as not only one of the most capable SUVs, but as one of the most elegant and distinctive SUVs available. Thus, making Range Rover one of the top performing luxury SUVs available.

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$299.00 Per Day
$1799.00 Per Week


Here you\'ll find the X6 xDrive35i\'s power plant: a 3.0-liter, direct-injected V-6 that is force-fed air via twin-scroll turbocharger. Output is rated at 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque, which flows through a standard eight-speed automatic transmission and onward through the standard xDrive all-wheel drive system, which is the only drive train configuration offered for the X6.
However, the 300 horsepower is nothing to sniff at. The 4,784-pound SUV is adequately powered and never feels strained when acceleration.

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$289.00 Per Day
$1699.00 Per Week

Jeep Cherokee SRT

The Grand Cherokee SRT® is dripping with attitude. A wide, aggressive stance that is more than an inch lower than its standard stablemate sets them apart. Cooling ducts going in, hot air vents pulling out, and mildly rumbling five-inch black chrome dual exhaust tips announce your arrival. Yeah, it\'s got all that.
The Grand Cherokee SRT is unmistakable with its unique and painted grille, integrated chin spoiler and color-matched wheel arches broadening its appearance and housing real performance tires on deep-set wheels. Undeniable attitude at every turn.

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$399.00 Per Day
$2394.00 Per Week

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne (Type 9PA) is a mid-size luxury crossover sport utility vehicle produced by the German manufacturer Porsche since 2002 with North American sales beginning in 2003. It is the first V8-engined vehicle built by Porsche since 1995 when the Porsche 928 was discontinued. It is also Porsche's first non sports car and first vehicle with four doors. Since 2008  all engines have featured direct injection technology.

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$279.00 Per Day
$1599.00 Per Week

Audi Q7 Premium Plus

The Audi Q7 is a full-size luxury crossover SUV of the German manufacturer Audi unveiled in September 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Production of the Q7 began in autumn of 2005 at the Volkswagen Bratislava Plant in Bratislava, Slovakia.It is the first SUV offering from Audi and went on sale in 2006. Later, Audi's second SUV the Q5 was unveiled as a 2009 model. Audi has since unveiled a third SUV model the Q3 which went on sale in the 3rd quarter of 2011. The Q7 shares its platform and chassis with the Volkswagen Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne.